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We have years of experience in providing expert wall painting services in Dubai. “Painting Services” has extensive experience of carrying out all aspects of internal and external decoration for residential and commercial customers. We provide a full, all-inclusive in-writing proposal to our customers that clearly outline our painting services with the total cost. We develop a personalized and detailed proposal that clearly outlines our painting services and the total cost rather than providing a verbal quote and estimate because we have trained estimators who have years of experience in giving an exact price up front. Our painters conduct meeting with you and to plan their work they visit your home at your decided appointment. Our painters do some planning before starting their work. They utilize all their expertise to paint. Hence, Dubai painters take work to finish it admirably.

We provide you quality, reasonable and in time services. We provide our clients 100% customer satisfaction, which results in long-lasting relation with clients. Our clients are contented and happy with our work. Our exceptionally equipped staff goes to visit your site and place mindfully utilizes full pack of equipment and it takes suitable steps to provide marvelous painting services. We have experienced and friendly staff which paints your assets employing all his expertise. We consider prerequisites of our customers so that we can handle them by ensuring work with 100% guaranteed quality. We do whatever our customer desire from us. We work for satisfying our customers so that no client leave least contented with our painting work.

When most people think of whitewashing, they think of just an antique form of painting. The surface to be whitewashed should be cleaned before the work is started. For whitewashing walls which are whitewashed before, the old loose whitewash is to be first removed and repairing to the plaster is carried out, if necessary. The lime is toxic for germs. It reflects light and thus it increases the brightness of the surface.

People are now days keen with this painting to make the house beautiful in UAE. Enamel paint is a general term applied to paints that dry to a hard, durable finish. They are an excellent choice for painting pieces that will be used outdoors or in places that are likely to be subjected to lots of wear, such as patio furniture, house trim and stairs. We Provides whitewash services to our customers at reasonable price.